Industry Expertise

Decades of Knowledge and Expertise

VR Mergers & Acquisitions specializes in merger, acquisition, and divestiture services for the privately held middle market business.  As a leading business intermediary organization, we serve a diverse client base that includes high net worth individuals, corporations, investment groups, and institutions who seek advisory services.

merger and acquisition knowledgeOur success spans five decades, and crosses numerous industries and sectors.  By providing our clients with assistance and professional services before, during, and after the transaction, we assure our clients the greatest possible opportunity for success.  VR brings the power of synergistic outreach to the business transaction, assuring that each and every deal stands the test of time.

VR’s knowledge and expertise is working with mid-market businesses that have grown beyond single manager entities to ones with significant regional, national, and international stature. Most of our client businesses are built around a single product area and its natural extensions. This characteristic means the business is a stand-alone unit that does not lend itself to being sold in pieces, but, can in fact be rolled up into larger entities or remain independent.

At VR, every deal is a big deal.