VR - Information Technology ExpertisePerhaps the toughest facet of the M&A market for mid-tier players is deciding how, or even whether, to enter the arena. Should they engage in M&A activity on their own? Do they align with other companies through joint ventures or partnerships? Or is it time to fold the tent and try to get acquired by a larger company?

Recent M&A deals have demonstrated the growing convergence in the technology marketplace. Companies are recognizing that their future success requires them to have a broader focus than solely on hardware, software, communications, or systems integration, and to, instead, assemble these and other capabilities to offer comprehensive solutions.

Consolidation and rapid change are likely to remain watchwords in the tech industry. Larger companies will seek to solidify their market positions, while smaller players try to find their footing in the constantly shifting landscape. Companies can more effectively use VR M&A to achieve their goals.  Our experienced professionals can offer assistance by setting a strategy that recognizes the realities of the marketplace, conducting comprehensive due diligence, maintaining the focus of post-deal integration, and addressing key valuation issues.