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Houston, TX: Meyer Smith Sells for $3,200,000

VR in San Antonio, Texas has concluded the sale of Meyer Smith which focuses on fabrication and erection of structural steel. The business is highly successful and has been in operation for over 30 years. The Company is poised to continue to grow by leveraging their supply chain that fabricates at a highly competitive cost…
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Canmore, Canada: Custom Lighting Manufacturer Acquired

VR in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has successfully completed the sale of a Custom Lighting Manufacturer located in Canmore, Alberta to a private buyer. This business is very well-established and has an excellent reputation within its community due to a continued focus on creating and maintaining strong and lasting relationships with contractors, electricians, designers, builders and…
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Before Selling Your Business, Develop An Exit Plan

Getting Out: How To Develop An Exit Plan Before You Sell Your Business There is an old adage that states, "the best offense is a good defense." This theory applies perfectly to implementing an offense aka selling a business.¬†Before you can dream of selling your company for top-dollar, you must have an established, well-thought-out exit…
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