VR Sacramento is a proud member of the VR Mergers & Acquisitions network. Since 2009, we have provided value analytics, consulting, marketing, selling and closing services for business owners in the $3 to $30 million range. Our network encompasses direct deal experience in a broad array of industries, including, but not limited to consumer transportation, trucking, financial industries, real estate, and construction industries.

The M&A Process
In our initial contact with the business owner, we focus on the objectives of the Seller, that is, the preferred future, after the company is sold. Does the Seller insist on exiting with no further ties to the company, or is there a desire to keep some form of equity to achieve greater returns as the business grows under new ownership? Will the Seller continue to work or manage the company for new owners?

The Universe of Buyers
As we develop a clear view of the Seller’s objectives, we will study the salability of the business, and how to achieve the greatest value to Buyers, and thereby achieving the best strategy to meet the Seller objectives. We will identify the universe of potential buyers and determine an appropriate marketing strategy to address one or all of the following buyer categories: (a) INDUSTRY buyer, (b) FINANCIAL buyer, (c) STRATEGIC buyer. Knowing the differences in these buyer categories and their acquisition criteria is critical to meeting the Seller’s exit objectives.

The Marketing Plan
By completing this “pre-marketing” investigation, we are now able to set down, in writing, a Marketing Plan which will effectively address the Seller’s exit objectives. From this point forward, we will execute and manage the Marketing Plan, find and pre-qualify Buyers (maintaining confidentiality), and solicit offers or Letters of Intent (LOI). Each LOI will be presented to the Seller with an opinion regarding the proposed transaction in achieving the Seller’s exit objectives. From there, the LOI can be negotiated with an acceptance, a counter-proposal or a rejection.

The Closing
Our team manages the transaction through the Buyer’s due diligence period, solves or minimizes issues, and closes the transaction with the Seller’s legal counsel, accounting counsel and escrow professionals.

After the Sale
We value the relationships that are created during the M&A process. We remain open for business, or even just a cup of coffee with the Seller. Press releases, interviews, and testimonials from the Seller are suggested for a satisfying completion of the business sale. Certainly, all referrals are appreciated.

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