Maximum Exposure: All offices in the VR network across the country and around the world work for you when you engage our office to take your middle market business to market, or to locate a business to acquire.

Confidentiality: When you engage VR to assist in selling or purchasing a business, you can feel secure knowing you have seasoned business people working with you who understand the necessity of maintaining confidentiality in every phase of every transaction.

Pre-Screened Buyers: Sellers will see only screened, serious prospective buyers when we market your business. Each buyer is required to sign a confidentiality agreement and provide information regarding their ability to purchase a business. Prospective buyers are treated with respect and professionalism throughout the business search process.

Pre-Screened Sellers: Clients who hire us to find a suitable business for them to acquire will only spend time reviewing businesses that meet their criteria and whose owners are serious about selling.

Negotiation: Our personnel are trained and experienced at negotiating the best price and terms for your transaction. Allowing VR to negotiate the sale or purchase of a business allows the principals to remain on good terms with each other, which is crucial for success after the closing.

Advertising: Our marketing targets those most likely to be suitable buyers or sellers through a combination of online and print advertising, extensive networking, and the mining of multiple databases, in order to have ready access to and knowledge of the market when representing you.

Time: Engaging VR allows you to focus on your business while we focus on ours, which is solely facilitating the sale or purchase of businesses.

Results: VR is the oldest, largest, and most successful business sales organization in the world. If a transaction can be completed, we are the ones who can do it, with low risk to all parties and with no surprises at closing.

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Managing Partner: Jerry Myers