We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to each and every business transaction. Our office is committed to providing extraordinary service with honesty, integrity and professionalism. It is our job to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers while protecting client interest and providing the level of service every mid-size business owner should expect to receive.

Choosing VR gives a buyer or investor the ability to search for business opportunities on a local, regional, national and international basis. For the selling party, teaming up with VR allows for maximum exposure through our national and international network of professional business intermediaries.

Our Core Values

Just as an individual’s values shape the course of his or her life, so does an organization’s core values determine its destiny. At VR Mergers & Acquisitions, we are committed to upholding the following core values in everything we do.

  • Honesty and Integrity: Through the sale or acquisition of a business, our clients are making life-changing business decisions. Trust is fundamental in this process. We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, the foundation upon which this trust is built.
  • Extraordinary Service: The sale of a business is a complex, demanding, and often emotional undertaking. To make each transaction as smooth and seamless as possible, we provide the highest level of service.

Exceptional Value: The value of our service will significantly exceed both our fees and the value offered by any of our competitors.


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Managing Partner: Ken Puryear