Raising Brand Awareness

Knowing the Key Values to Establish Market Perception

If you want people to buy your products and services, brand awareness is one of the most important factors to make this happen. Brand values relate to many areas from product attributes to less tangible aspects of a company's operations. It is important to identify the key values of your brand, and to establish how your business and products are perceived by different types of customers.


Although these brand values can be applied to business products in general terms, it is vital to understand how individual customers rank the values. This can be determined in several ways.

Conduct Customer Surveys

To find out what your customers consider important, conduct a survey. Ideally, this should be done through a market research company so that respondents feel the survey is independent. It should ask respondents how they rank the different brand values, and how they believe your company and a number of competitors compare.

Review Industry Trends

Industry associations and publishers produce regular surveys into buying behavior in their industry sector. These surveys can highlight issues that concern the whole market.

Communicate Through All Channels

Advertising and marketing communications are the most important media for raising awareness. However, there are several other direct and indirect channels, including:

• Products;

• Service;

• Packaging;

• Distribution Facilities;

• Web Site; and

• Customer Service Facilities.

Product Branding Do your products communicate your key brand values? The most important values are:

• Fitness for Purpose

• Value for Money

• Quality

• Extendibility

• Proven Products

• Investment in Product Development

• Warranty

• Customized Products

Monitor Levels of Brand Awareness

Customer perceptions change over a period of time, particularly if you are running targeted communications programs. Continuous research should be carried out to monitor customer attitudes. This type of research is known as tracking research, and it helps to measure the effectiveness of brand communications programs.

Building Brand Values through Your Web Site

An effective web site is one in that the various technical and design components all work together to generate customer interest, build trust, communicate product, and support convenient profitable transactions.

Branding through Customer Service Facilities

Your customer service facilities have a major impact on the way your customers perceive your company. When inquiries, orders or complaints are handled effectively, it creates awareness of positive brand values.

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