Madrid, Spain: Auto Manufacturer Acquired for 22 Million Euro

Jose Maria Varas

Jose Maria Varas

VR Corporate Spain has advised Alafan S.A., a Spanish holding of Industrial companies located in the Basque region, in the sale process of Industrias Gol S.A. to Global SM Tech Limited (GSM), a Korean stock quoted high precision fastener for €18 million (Equity value). The buyer is acquiring 26.57 million shares of Industrias Gol which includes Rumagol, a 100% subsidiary located in Romania. Industrias Gol reported in 2014 consolidated sales of € 32 million, an Ebitda of € 3,8 million and total assets of €40,45 million. The buyer is acquiring the company with € 4 million of financial debt outstanding hence the Enterprise value of the transaction amounts to € 22 million.

Industrias Gol is a leading european manufacturer of special cold stamped parts and fasteners for critical applications that serve mainly the Automobile sector. Its products rage is comprised of brake modules, door hinges, seat systems, shock absorvers, steerings, seat belts and rubber to metal bounding. The company owns and operates two industrial facilities located in the Basque region and another located in Brasov Romania.

Global SM Tech Limited manufactures and sells high precision fasteners in Korea and internationally. It provides small precision screws, lead screws, shafts, bolts, rivets, and springs for use in washing machines, refrigerators, PDPs, LCDs, DVDs, PMPs, cameras, audio equipment, CD-ROM players, and mobile phones, as well as in cars, airplanes, electric/electronic machines, and architecture applications. GSM owns and operates plants in Korea, Malaysia, China and Vietnam.

Alfalan is a 80 years old diversified industrial group whose main activities are small household appliances, cold stamping, machining and microfusion, selling to sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, defence, agriculture and elevators. Total turnover is around € 60 million, a staff of 500 workers and 14 factories.

VR Corporate Spain is part of VR Mergers & Acquisition, a US based M&A firm dedicated to advise small and mid sized companies and financial and industrial investors with offices across the USA, Canada, Latin America, Turkey, Abu Dabi, Qatar and Spain and a track record of having advised and closed hundreds of transactions. VR Corporate has a dedicated team of specialists in the Automobile, metal mechanic and steel related sectors.

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